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How to Wire a Plug.

How to.... Wire a Plug.

Once you grasp the principles of wiring a plug it is quite a straightforward process.

WARNING: Never attempt the following whilst the plug is still in a electrical socket!

Follow this step by step guide on How to Wire a Plug.

Tools required to wire a plug: - Utility Knife - Pincer Pliers - Terminal Screwdriver - Standard Screwdriver.

1. Remove the cover of the plug by unscrewing the central screw. This will then enable access to the inner workings. 

2. Place the new cable on top of the plug and measure the length required and mark the bottom with a pen. By doing this it will leave you enough wire to be able to cut to the correct length.

3. With a utility knife score around the outer core of the wire - being careful not to cut too deep and damage the internal wires.
At this point if you bend the wire it will tear neatly around the scoring.
(N.B Check the inner wires for damage)

4. This will then expose the wires - Neutral - Earth - Live

5. On the plug loosen the wire clamp by unscrewing the two retaining screws at the bottom of the plug. Now locate the wire in position underneath the clamp and secure firmly in place on top of the outer cover by tightening the screws.
Ensuring that the Neutral is to the left Earth in the middle and Live on the right. 

6. Starting with the Neutral wire - offer it up against the neutral pin (marked N) then cut the wire level with the bottom of the terminal.

7. Repeating this process for the Earth wire.

8. Repeating this process for the Live wire.

9. The end of each wire can then be stripped back 4-6mm (N.B twist the end of each wire to help keep them together) 

10. Using a terminal screwdriver loosen each of the pin screws - enough to allow the insertion of the exposed wires.
Insert the Neutral wire and tighten firmly.

Repeat with the Earth wire.

12. Repeat with the Live wire.

13. Do not over tighten the pin screws as this will squash the wire and can reduce the capacity to conduct the electrical current.
(N.B Ensure there are no bare wires/strands exposed)

14. Check that the correct fuse is inserted for the appliance then replace the cover.

15. DONE!

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