Monday, 23 December 2013

CCTV - Difference Between Analogue and HD -SDI

Securesys offer a great range of CCTV for both domestic and business purposes. 
From our quick and professional installation to technical aftercare support - Securesys are one of Yorkshires Leading CCTV providers. 

Below are two short videos showing the difference between analogue and HD-SDI. Firstly showing the distinct change in quality during the day. Then showing the defined sharper image in low light condition.

  Luxrite 700tvl (analogue) Vs 1200tvl (HD-SDI)

   Luxrite 700tvl (analogue) Vs 1200tvl (HD-SDI)

Securesys are based in Doncaster an provide an experienced service in the surrounding areas: Adwick le-street, Auckley, Armthorpe, Askern, Barnbrough, Barnby Dun, Bawtry, Braithwell, Branton, Bessacarr, Campsall, Carcroft, Conisbrough, Dunscoft, Edenthorpe, Edlington, Finningley, Goldthorpe, Hatfield, Hooton Pagnell, Kirk Sandall, Mexbrough, Moorends, Norton, Skellow, Sprotbrough, Stainforth, Sykehouse, Thorne, Tickhill, Warmsworth, and even more places.  

FREEPHONE Securesys on 0808 155 8656 to see what our specialists can do for you and your home.

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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Automated Security Gates

Securesys are one of Yorkshires leading providers of automated security gates. Our professionals are extensively trained to be able to carry out necessary installation with the utmost expertise.

Swing gates are a popular choice nationwide; traditionally hinged at one side and opening from this pivot point towards the property. 

Sliding gates are an alternative as some properties do not have the spatial requirements. Our engineers can aid and advise in all situations.

Before we carry out any work we have to do a risk assessments - after this a simple site survey is done to assess measurements and dimensions. The design and style can be then chosen to suit your requirements. 

FREEPHONE Securesys on 08081558656 to see what our specialists can do for you and your home.

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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Security Systems

Don't be a victim of crime!

Securesys Safeguard Security are here to help you prevent  crime at home or your business premises. Based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire we are up to date with all the current crime trends and treat every property as a individual case.  

Specialising in all types of security offering cost effective installation of security systems. The main aspects of security that our professional engineers cover are: Access control, Alarms, CCTV, Infra-red detectors, Motion sensors, Perimeter protection and Video management systems. Click here for more.  

The manor in how you can attain access to a building has changed dramatically since the introduction of electric access products.  Of which Safeguard Security Systems offer and install a variety of different products to cater for all your needs.

Securesys can set up security alarms that use motion detection or infra-red sensor triggers  helping you have feel safe and secure.

It has been proven that property that has CCTV coverage acts as a massive deterrent to vandalism and robbery. Our internal and external bespoke CCTV systems can be remotely monitored from your smart phone, tablet or laptop.

Also our business has an extensive range of automated road barriers, chain barriers, swing gates, speed gates, turnstiles and bollards.

If your home or business is in Doncaster or the surrounding area and are looking to have surveillance or protection system installed, then please get in touch with us at Securesys for expert advice at a great price.

Call us now FREEPHONE 08081558656

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Security Lighting

Securesys Security Systems is based in Doncaster, providing a bespoke security services throughout Yorkshire and the UK.

Security lighting is often over looked as a crime deterrent, however such lighting will enhance overall visibility. It can be set up using a light sensor for the twilight hours or can be triggered using motion sensors. Securesys can cater for individual needs and circumstances. 

As illustrated by the image security lighting does not have to be garish or obtrusive to the style of your property. The types of lights can compliment features without detracting from providing light in susceptible crime points of your home. Having adequate lighting can deter even the most insistent burglars, also this will aid CCTV in low light periods.

Securesys install energy efficient lighting which means that they are a cost effective crime deterrent.  

Having lighting around a property is a good asset for if you are away a lot or on holiday, as it can give the impression that there is someone home. 

If you have any queries do not hesitate to get in contact with us call us now FREEPHONE 08081558656

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Friday, 25 October 2013

Safeguard Security Systems - Access Control Systems

Safeguard Security Systems specialise in all aspects of security for domestic and business purposes. Providing our service in Doncaster and the surrounding areas.

With the advancement of technology the use of locks and keys aren't the only way to secure doors and buildings. Safeguard Security Systems offer and install a variety of different access systems. Ranging from the more straight forward Swipe Card and Keypad entry mediums to more sophisticated systems using proximity and biometric accessing.

We provide a cost effective solution to all aspects of premises entry. Ensuring that the only people that can enter are authorised personnel. Our experienced technicians have been trained in an extensive range of security access systems to suit the requirements of any situation. Catering for a single door access control to a extensive fully integrated system for multiple enter routes. 

All of our systems are tailor made to suit each of our clients using an array of different brands. Using recognised manufactures such as; ASSA & Abloy, Bewator, BSB Progeny, PAC, Paxton and others. Having these companies and their products available to us means we can be far more adaptable in our application of security.

Safeguard Security Systems have fitted and continually maintain more than 200 door entry systems within Yorkshire alone.  Proof in its self we are a company to rely on and trust.

Give us a Call on 0808 155 8656
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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Safeguard Security Systems

With the UK's ever changing economy hard times have hit large sections of society and consequently crime rates appear to fluctuate. 

Crimes such as burglary, robbery and violence can be reduced in certain hotspots by having deterrents such as CCTV. In conjunction to this if a incident were to happen then there would be prosecutable evidence available through the use of modern CCTV systems. So there has never been a better time to upgrade your security at home or work.

Based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire Safeguard Security Services predominantly service the Yorkshire area, although we do take on projects nationwide. Unlike other security companies we do not have a call out fee and our rates are more then reasonable - give us a call for advice prior to booking.

Safeguard Security Systems can install complete systems or enhance your existing security. We supply the latest in high tech IP CCTV systems which offer high quality, crisp images and user friendly storage, you can even have remote monitoring or be alerted to movement through an App on your mobile phone - so that you can be sure you are protected 100% of the time.

Access control and perimeter protection are fundamental to preventing trespassing and unwanted intrusion on private property. We offer a bespoke service for installation and after care maintenance.

You name it Safeguard Security Systems  can provided a security setup for it. Take advantage of our current special offer - for all orders placed before Christmas FREE CCTV monitoring*.

Our home alarms prices start from just £349, so enquire today to see how we can prevent you from been a victim of crime.

 (* T&C's apply)

Call us on 01302 725355

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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Securesys Bespoke Security Equipment

Designed to be discreet our new range of bespoke security equipment has been requested by some of the UK’s leading companies such as HSBC, RBS, Bank of Scotland, Bank of Ireland, Halifax and plenty more.
Each call out is tailored to the customer’s needs, discreet or on show Securesys will customise each installation on the spot.

Stop worrying about your home and start concentrating in everyday life with our PC based management systems. Access your security cameras no matter where you are by checking on your mobile phone.

During our consultation we will take all of our customer’s needs and requirements and convert them in to actions. All of our bespoke installations come with a backup service.

Securesys provide 2013 top of the range bespoke security equipment including Access Control, Perimeter Protection,  CCTV, Dome Cameras, Gates, discreet Smoke Detector Cameras and plenty more.

Are you happy with your business security? If in any doubt please contact us here: 08081558656.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call or check out or website here:


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Access Control in and around Doncaster.

Access Control has been demanded more over the past years. Not only has crime statistics risen but more criminals have been caught using our top of the range safekeeping equipment. Securesys have fitted over 200 access control and door entry systems in Doncaster and has maintained them.

There are no limitations to the security systems we provide as every client will receive a full customized service tailored to their wants and needs.

Access control providers Securesys can not only provide you with this years advanced technology but help improve and expand previous security equipment.

You can choose from our large list of Access Control Options, these consist of
Design & Specification
Swipe Cards, Keypads
Audit trails and management software.
Stand alone or networking systems
and plenty more.

Do not miss out on our amazing August deals by calling today for more information here: 07880553155.

This August only Securesys are offering FREE CCTV Monitoring Systems to anyone who purchases one of our House Alarms. If you are thinking of upgrading you home alarm in the near future choose to do it now to receive a free CCTV Monitoring System.

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Monday, 19 August 2013


Securesys  promotional offers continue with the amazing offer on Home Security Alarms. If you are interested in upgrading your home security with the latest technology then take a look at our wide range of Home Alarm Systems.

This August only Securesys are offering FREE CCTV Monitoring Systems to anyone who purchases one of our House Alarms.

Securesys are quality providing security specialists who are trained to deliver bespoke installations in and around Doncaster. We offer our services to people of Doncaster, Barnsley, Rotherham and Sheffield.

This deal will end with august so please make sure you don't miss out.

Do not miss out on this amazing deal by calling today for more information here: 07880553155.

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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Fire Alarm Cameras by Securesys in Doncaster

Smoke alarms are the number 1 life saving device in England therefor every house in the country have at least one or two, this is where Securesys saw an amazing opportunity to install the latest discreet gadget.

Securesys recommend the GE - Interigix's Smoke Detector Camera, this provides high resolution  with multi-camera surveillance. This indoor surveillance camera not only looks exactly like a smoke detector but it also delivers 1/3" CCD monochrome or colour with  a 4 mm regular lens (side view) or 3.6 mm pinhole lens.

The camera is manually adjustable so it can be tilted and changed into a desired direction. Securesys Standard model features one camera facing down or sideways in either black and white or in colour.

Securesys previous customers love this model as it is so discreet even you friends or neighbours wouldn't know.

This device is not only excellent for surveillance but it also has a big brother effect.

If you would like to know more information please contact us by calling this number: 08081553656

Take a look at Doncasters leading Security Equipment providers website by clicking here.

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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Perimeter Protection Doncaster

Securesys provide an extensive range of 2013 security equipment and today we would like to inform you a little more about our high-tech Perimeter Protection.

Barriers, Turnstiles, Bollards, Speed gates and Swing gates are just a few of the pieces of security equipment that Safeguard Security Systems have supplies in and around Doncaster. Over the past 20 years and we have never left our customers unless they are completely satisfied.

Perimeter Protection can be highly important to homes and industries with a larger area for example if you have land in the middle of the country, who is stopping people from trespassing?

There have been plenty of cases where local farmers and business men have owned a piece of land that has not been checked up on and when the land has been searched later down the line there has been junk left, hazardous substances dumped and the person to blame will be the land owner unless proven otherwise.

Securesys does not want this to happen to anyone especially none our customers this is why Safe Guard Security Systems supply any information asked for when it comes to any aspect of security.

For more information about Perimeter Protection, please take a look at our Website

Or give us a call on: 01302 725355

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Burglar Alarm Systems Doncaster

Securesys Burglar Alarm Systems 

Yorkshires highly experienced skilled Security Instillation experts Securesys provide first class Security Equipment. 

With their high security knowledgeable team with some fitters with over 20 years of fitting experience.

Safeguard Security Systems provide top quality crime prevention equipment in Yorkshir.  Locating in and around Doncaster. 
they provide exceptional Instillation and equipment one of these being quality Burglar Alarms.

A Burglar Alarm Works by being a connected electrical circuit, if the circuit is irrupted or broken the electricity flow changes, this is when the emergency alarm is rung. 

The alarm will not ring if the connected doors and or windows are kept shut whilst the alarm has been set this is because it is creating a full working circuit that is not interrupted. If any of the connected doors or windows are opened while the alarm is set then it will be triggered.

Even having a Burglar Alarm in sight has been proven to limit the chances of a break in as a Burglar would target a house without one. 

Burglary and Property Crime are one of the most recorded offences in Crime Statistics in the UK, that scan be changed by calling Safeguard Security Systems today. 

If you would like to find out more information about Burglar Alarm Systems and other security equipment, take a look at our website:
Click here for Website: Safeguard Secure Systems 

Please contact Kevin Parr for more details:
 01302 725355 

Click Here for Crime statistics in your area.

Safeguard Security Systems Keeping you , your family and your possessions safe.

Providing Security to the following locations:

Sykehouse, Fishlake , Moorends, Thorne, Hatfield, Stainforth, Barnby Dun, Dunscoft, Kirk Sandall, Edenthorpe, Branton, Auckley, Finningley, Bawtry, Tickhill, Braithwell, Edlington, Conisbrough, mexbrough, Warmsworthm Bessacarr, Armthorpe, Sprotbrough, Barnbrough, Hootoen Pagnall, Adwickm le-street, Carcroft, Skellow, Askern, Campsall, Norton and all the surrounding areas.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Securesys Security Lighting in Doncaster

Securesys  Security Lighting in Doncaster

Security Lighting

A professional security lighting solution is the single simplest, most effective step you can take to deter criminals from targeting your property. The Police recommend lighting as the first line of defense with its proven ability as a deterrent against vandalism and many petty crimes.

A Security lighting System works by being aimed in a certain direction chosen by the client. Inside the security light there is a n infra-red sensor. The sensor creates a beam invisible beam on the direction of which the unit has been set up. 

When the sensor beam has been interrupted it creates a break in the beam, this trips the internal switch to power the light. Some security lighting systems can be personalised to the customer’s needs, such as the range of detection.

Securesys would like to get across to you how dangerous the instillation is.  All electrical equipment can be dangerous but most security lighting averages at 110 volts which is enough to kill a person. If you are interested in a security lighting system then please make sure you call us as we provide health and safety practises with every service.

Not only do these great pieces of security equipment provide safety to your home they are also healthier for the environment as they are more flexible with light.

Securesys are on of Yorkshires leading security providing companies with our customers including Halifax plc. HSBC, Lloyds TSB, Owston Hall Hotel, UYR Group, Royal Bank of Scotland group, universal Music UK and many more you know you’re in safe hand.

If you would like to know more about Safeguard Security Systems in Doncaster take a look at our website, we proved a large range of different security equipment.

Call today to book your instillation: 01302 725355

Securesys Security Lighting:

Securesys Website:

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Doncaster Security CCTV and Alarm Instillation

Burglar Alarms and CCTV Systems for Doncaster

Since 2013 there have been 12 Burglary’s in Doncaster’s town centre and that number will keep increasing over the year however we can prevent this from happening with our quality assured Intruder Alarm Systems.

Intruder Alarm Systems are very beneficial to any home or work place not only do they give you added security but also a piece of mind. To catch any intruder you will need a motion detector to indicate if there is anyone in your household or business.

This security appliance is very effective in the protecting the room you are wanting to guard. There are many different Intruder alarm systems one being a radar-based motion detector, this works by sending out wide microwaves to cover the room, if the room is still the waves will bounce back to the motion device settled however if there is an Intruder the waves retreat back to the motion device un settled letting it know there is disturbed.

 Other appliances include Photo Sensor motion detector, these are mainly used in Shopping Centres however can come in much use in the households or business they work by focusing on a source of light, if the light is interrupted at any point the sensor registers a drop in light levels and reports back to the control box which lets you know there is an intruder.

South Yorkshires Securesys Safeguard Security provides anyone with high quality bespoke security protection. In this day and age everyone should have some type of security system in their house or business; with rising crime in the UK people are starting to gain unnecessary worries. In and around the Doncaster area Safeguard Security would like to provide you with not only top quality security but an added piece of mind.

Using CCTV Cameras and Burglar Alarms will decrease the chance of any robbery or burglary in any complex, however if an intrusion does occur there will be a high chance they will get caught. CCTV Doncaster are Security specialists, they promise the highest quality equipment with professional instillation and maintenance services.

Securesys provide the best price Security Equipment in and around Doncaster. If you are looking for high visibility equipment to show thief's that you will not tolerate theft in your home of business, or if you need discreet equipment to catch thief's red handed Safeguard Security provides all ranges of equipment. High end equipment can now be controlled through by monitoring it remotely on your mobile phone, laptop or tablet wherever you are.

Knowing that your house and or Business is protected will not only let you know your protecting your possessions but your family, friends or co-workers.

CCTV Cameras and Intruder Alarms that monitor activities in complexes help prevent and solve crimes everyday, Safeguard Security has had many company's and house owners turn to them after a crime has already been committed, why not take action before, help stop and prevent crime from happening in your area by contacting them at: 01302 739434

Take a look at their website to gain more information about Security Equipment or to make an order.


Friday, 24 May 2013

Securesys Making Doncaster a Safer Place

Securesys Remote CCTV Monitoring System

Securesys in Doncaster has now released footage of their CCTV Monitoring System in action. Take a look at how easy it is to click from screen to screen or to create a timed footage viewer.

With this easy to use set up you can now feel safe in your own home and or Business. Nothing will be missed whit this record-able device, not only do our CCTV Cameras Cover a wide area to catch every corner but it also provides with the option to zoom in and out, pause, rewind and record.

With its smooth running videos you can now watch great quality footage with no freezes.

With our highly experienced team some with over 30 years experience we can help you choose the appliance that will suit your home/ business best. We will not only give you advice if needed but we will come and install the appliance for you.

The total amount of crimes in Doncaster Town Center alone is a high  441 and that is only since January 2013, we can now bring this down by catching the culprits, not only will CCTV catch burglars but any antisocial behavior and other crimes.

We also offer  Door Access Systems, Access Control Devices, Infra red detectors, Perimeter Protection, Smoke Detectors, Security Lighting Installations this is  including Motion Sensing  flood lighting and decorative building illumination and many more.

Crime statistics com from

Please take a look at Securesys Website for more information and other Security Equipment.

Join us on our Facebook or Twitter for free updated information on Securesys Services.

Securesys making people Safer.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

New CCTV Remote Monitoring Footage

Securesys Alarm Security Systems in Doncaster would like to introduce you to our new addition to our CCTV department  . If you’re looking for a little added security at home or wanting to secure every room in your business then this is the appliance for you.
You will always know your possessions, self and family are safe with our brand new CCTV Remote Monitoring  device which includes time, date, battery use display and  high quality live video footage in and outside of the building. Keep up to date by upgrading your technology by linking up your CCTV to any PC, TV, Laptop or Mobile.

Perfect for business and home use. With this new appliance you can watch up to 9 different live video channels all at once or flick from channel to channel making sure your home/ Business is completely secure. No corners will be missed with our CCTV cameras covering wide areas such as car parks, gardens, home fronts, business rooms, offices etc.

With Robbery, Burglary and vehicle crime increasing in the UK we highly recommend  this device to make sure you do become a victim to this. Not only do we promise you that it increases security it also creates a safe atmosphere for customers in business or families in their own homes.

Recommended for this device  are a Video Recorder and  minimum of two CCTV cameras as they will benefit the appliance and can film up to 9 different channels at once. 

Please call us on: 0808 155 8656 

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Intruder and Alarm Systems Doncaster

Securesys UK are Alarm and Intruder specialists are highly experienced professional Security providers and instillation fitters with over 20 years’ experience based just outside Doncaster.
Securesys provide the best crime prevention equipment in Doncaster and surrounding areas with top notch installation services.  Securesys have a large range of appliances to meet everyone’s needs ranging from Smoke Detectors to brand new Infra-Red security equipment.

The use of CCTV Alarm Systems improves security in any Business or Household dramatically. Statistically in the UK a burglary occurs every 37 seconds and the main targets are homes without visible Alarm systems, with a little information we can change that. The use of Single Camera or Multi Camera Systems can be used to provide added surveillance and security to and household or business, this is by capturing either still images or video either live of recorded footage.

With great new Technology you can now view live footage through your PC, Laptop or Mobile Phone. Alarm Systems can be tailored to your household or business so you feel your possessions are secure and safe 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The use of Burglar Alarm Systems has increased since the start of 2013 there have been 441 Crimes committed in just the town centre of Doncaster at least 33 of these were either Burglary, Robbery or Vehicle crime , most of these could have been stopped or caught using a CCTV Alarm System. 

With property crime being the most reported offence in the country it is much safer for not only your possessions but yourself and others with high quality security. 

So if you are looking for an Alarm System in the Doncaster or South Yorkshire area please get in touch with Kevin Parr at Securesys - See our main website : Intruder Alarm Experts - Click Here
Call us on :01302 739434


Monday, 15 April 2013

Doncaster CCTV and burglar alarms | Home and business security

Home and Business Protection | CCTV Cameras and Burglar Alarms for Doncaster

Having an assurance of protection and a good quality CCTV security system for your home and business is something everyone needs or should at least consider in today’s quickly changing society. Based in South Yorkshire Safeguard security services are well aware that new threats to property and personnel are arising every day, and Doncaster is no exception.

All across the UK there are growing crime rates and incidences of burglary plague every region of the country. That is why homeowners and business owners alike are turning to Securesys for CCTV cameras and intruder alarms to monitor activity in places where surveillance and security are sparse. CCTV Doncaster are experts in the installation and commissioning of covert cameras and these days you can even make sure your home or business is safe by monitoring it remotely either on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop while you are out and about.

If you are living in Doncaster or anywhere in South Yorkshire and are looking to invest in surveillance systems and protection, then please get in touch with the experts at Securesys for best advice and price!

Installing burglar alarms or CCTV cameras on your property or company premises can make all the difference to both the deterrence of illicit activity and the sense of safety and well-being in the people you care about most. Here are some reasons why an investment in security and surveillance is something that you won’t be regretting anytime soon.

Quality Yorkshire installed CCTV Systems for Easy Monitoring and Deterrence

CCTV cameras can do a whole lot more than simply allow you to watch over areas of interest. The surveillance system lets you watch over property and people accessing the area from a comfortable and remote centre. Different cameras can be set different applications in different environmental conditions. With a simple press of a button, you can see all the comings-and-goings of possible threats. With motion detectors these cameras can keep your property safe while you sleep or are away on holiday.

Even more than that, CCTV cameras can be a deterrent unto themselves. Often the greatest benefit is that individuals who would otherwise commit a crime become unmotivated to do so once obvious intruder alarms are set on entrances to homes where valuables are spotted. It is not just the capability to monitor, but also setting up disincentives for any would-be criminal.

Burglar Alarms for Access Control and a Sense of Security

Intruder alarms also serve a double purpose and can make your Doncaster home or business far more secure than a neighbours property, once you have CCTV your chances of burglary decrease exponentially. An alarm on a door or window is not to just alert authorities when something is amiss.  Having installed 100’s of CCTV cameras around Doncaster we know that these camera systems keep our clients sleeping safe in the knowledge that their house is far less likely to be targeted by burglars or vandals.

Burglar alarms can also make people in the home and business feel more secure about staying in the area during less protected times and believe it or not a CCTV system has been shown to increase property values. Knowing that any unsavory characters trying to enter your property will be arrested by the police once intruder alarms go off is sure to bring a higher sense of security to your family or staff.

If a strong feeling of well-being and security is what you are after in the UK, then CCTV South Yorkshire can help with expert, friendly and local advice. We are happy to advise on exactly which cameras or intruder alarm you need. They’re relatively easy to install, simple to use, and will make your home and business exactly what you want – a safe one.

Kevin Parr, Securesys Doncaster