Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Doncaster Security CCTV and Alarm Instillation

Burglar Alarms and CCTV Systems for Doncaster

Since 2013 there have been 12 Burglary’s in Doncaster’s town centre and that number will keep increasing over the year however we can prevent this from happening with our quality assured Intruder Alarm Systems.

Intruder Alarm Systems are very beneficial to any home or work place not only do they give you added security but also a piece of mind. To catch any intruder you will need a motion detector to indicate if there is anyone in your household or business.

This security appliance is very effective in the protecting the room you are wanting to guard. There are many different Intruder alarm systems one being a radar-based motion detector, this works by sending out wide microwaves to cover the room, if the room is still the waves will bounce back to the motion device settled however if there is an Intruder the waves retreat back to the motion device un settled letting it know there is disturbed.

 Other appliances include Photo Sensor motion detector, these are mainly used in Shopping Centres however can come in much use in the households or business they work by focusing on a source of light, if the light is interrupted at any point the sensor registers a drop in light levels and reports back to the control box which lets you know there is an intruder.

South Yorkshires Securesys Safeguard Security provides anyone with high quality bespoke security protection. In this day and age everyone should have some type of security system in their house or business; with rising crime in the UK people are starting to gain unnecessary worries. In and around the Doncaster area Safeguard Security would like to provide you with not only top quality security but an added piece of mind.

Using CCTV Cameras and Burglar Alarms will decrease the chance of any robbery or burglary in any complex, however if an intrusion does occur there will be a high chance they will get caught. CCTV Doncaster are Security specialists, they promise the highest quality equipment with professional instillation and maintenance services.

Securesys provide the best price Security Equipment in and around Doncaster. If you are looking for high visibility equipment to show thief's that you will not tolerate theft in your home of business, or if you need discreet equipment to catch thief's red handed Safeguard Security provides all ranges of equipment. High end equipment can now be controlled through by monitoring it remotely on your mobile phone, laptop or tablet wherever you are.

Knowing that your house and or Business is protected will not only let you know your protecting your possessions but your family, friends or co-workers.

CCTV Cameras and Intruder Alarms that monitor activities in complexes help prevent and solve crimes everyday, Safeguard Security has had many company's and house owners turn to them after a crime has already been committed, why not take action before, help stop and prevent crime from happening in your area by contacting them at: 01302 739434

Take a look at their website to gain more information about Security Equipment or to make an order.

Website: http://www.securesys.co.uk

Friday, 24 May 2013

Securesys Making Doncaster a Safer Place

Securesys Remote CCTV Monitoring System

Securesys in Doncaster has now released footage of their CCTV Monitoring System in action. Take a look at how easy it is to click from screen to screen or to create a timed footage viewer.

With this easy to use set up you can now feel safe in your own home and or Business. Nothing will be missed whit this record-able device, not only do our CCTV Cameras Cover a wide area to catch every corner but it also provides with the option to zoom in and out, pause, rewind and record.

With its smooth running videos you can now watch great quality footage with no freezes.

With our highly experienced team some with over 30 years experience we can help you choose the appliance that will suit your home/ business best. We will not only give you advice if needed but we will come and install the appliance for you.

The total amount of crimes in Doncaster Town Center alone is a high  441 and that is only since January 2013, we can now bring this down by catching the culprits, not only will CCTV catch burglars but any antisocial behavior and other crimes.

We also offer  Door Access Systems, Access Control Devices, Infra red detectors, Perimeter Protection, Smoke Detectors, Security Lighting Installations this is  including Motion Sensing  flood lighting and decorative building illumination and many more.

Crime statistics com from http://www.ebusinessconsultant.co.uk/police-crime-map/index.php

Please take a look at Securesys Website for more information and other Security Equipment.

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Securesys making people Safer.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

New CCTV Remote Monitoring Footage

Securesys Alarm Security Systems in Doncaster would like to introduce you to our new addition to our CCTV department  . If you’re looking for a little added security at home or wanting to secure every room in your business then this is the appliance for you.
You will always know your possessions, self and family are safe with our brand new CCTV Remote Monitoring  device which includes time, date, battery use display and  high quality live video footage in and outside of the building. Keep up to date by upgrading your technology by linking up your CCTV to any PC, TV, Laptop or Mobile.

Perfect for business and home use. With this new appliance you can watch up to 9 different live video channels all at once or flick from channel to channel making sure your home/ Business is completely secure. No corners will be missed with our CCTV cameras covering wide areas such as car parks, gardens, home fronts, business rooms, offices etc.

With Robbery, Burglary and vehicle crime increasing in the UK we highly recommend  this device to make sure you do become a victim to this. Not only do we promise you that it increases security it also creates a safe atmosphere for customers in business or families in their own homes.

Recommended for this device  are a Video Recorder and  minimum of two CCTV cameras as they will benefit the appliance and can film up to 9 different channels at once. 

Please call us on: 0808 155 8656 

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Intruder and Alarm Systems Doncaster

Securesys UK are Alarm and Intruder specialists are highly experienced professional Security providers and instillation fitters with over 20 years’ experience based just outside Doncaster.
Securesys provide the best crime prevention equipment in Doncaster and surrounding areas with top notch installation services.  Securesys have a large range of appliances to meet everyone’s needs ranging from Smoke Detectors to brand new Infra-Red security equipment.

The use of CCTV Alarm Systems improves security in any Business or Household dramatically. Statistically in the UK a burglary occurs every 37 seconds and the main targets are homes without visible Alarm systems, with a little information we can change that. The use of Single Camera or Multi Camera Systems can be used to provide added surveillance and security to and household or business, this is by capturing either still images or video either live of recorded footage.

With great new Technology you can now view live footage through your PC, Laptop or Mobile Phone. Alarm Systems can be tailored to your household or business so you feel your possessions are secure and safe 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The use of Burglar Alarm Systems has increased since the start of 2013 there have been 441 Crimes committed in just the town centre of Doncaster at least 33 of these were either Burglary, Robbery or Vehicle crime , most of these could have been stopped or caught using a CCTV Alarm System. 

With property crime being the most reported offence in the country it is much safer for not only your possessions but yourself and others with high quality security. 

So if you are looking for an Alarm System in the Doncaster or South Yorkshire area please get in touch with Kevin Parr at Securesys - See our main website : Intruder Alarm Experts - Click Here
Call us on :01302 739434