Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Perimeter Protection Doncaster

Securesys provide an extensive range of 2013 security equipment and today we would like to inform you a little more about our high-tech Perimeter Protection.

Barriers, Turnstiles, Bollards, Speed gates and Swing gates are just a few of the pieces of security equipment that Safeguard Security Systems have supplies in and around Doncaster. Over the past 20 years and we have never left our customers unless they are completely satisfied.

Perimeter Protection can be highly important to homes and industries with a larger area for example if you have land in the middle of the country, who is stopping people from trespassing?

There have been plenty of cases where local farmers and business men have owned a piece of land that has not been checked up on and when the land has been searched later down the line there has been junk left, hazardous substances dumped and the person to blame will be the land owner unless proven otherwise.

Securesys does not want this to happen to anyone especially none our customers this is why Safe Guard Security Systems supply any information asked for when it comes to any aspect of security.

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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Burglar Alarm Systems Doncaster

Securesys Burglar Alarm Systems 

Yorkshires highly experienced skilled Security Instillation experts Securesys provide first class Security Equipment. 

With their high security knowledgeable team with some fitters with over 20 years of fitting experience.

Safeguard Security Systems provide top quality crime prevention equipment in Yorkshir.  Locating in and around Doncaster. 
they provide exceptional Instillation and equipment one of these being quality Burglar Alarms.

A Burglar Alarm Works by being a connected electrical circuit, if the circuit is irrupted or broken the electricity flow changes, this is when the emergency alarm is rung. 

The alarm will not ring if the connected doors and or windows are kept shut whilst the alarm has been set this is because it is creating a full working circuit that is not interrupted. If any of the connected doors or windows are opened while the alarm is set then it will be triggered.

Even having a Burglar Alarm in sight has been proven to limit the chances of a break in as a Burglar would target a house without one. 

Burglary and Property Crime are one of the most recorded offences in Crime Statistics in the UK, that scan be changed by calling Safeguard Security Systems today. 

If you would like to find out more information about Burglar Alarm Systems and other security equipment, take a look at our website:
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Safeguard Security Systems Keeping you , your family and your possessions safe.

Providing Security to the following locations:

Sykehouse, Fishlake , Moorends, Thorne, Hatfield, Stainforth, Barnby Dun, Dunscoft, Kirk Sandall, Edenthorpe, Branton, Auckley, Finningley, Bawtry, Tickhill, Braithwell, Edlington, Conisbrough, mexbrough, Warmsworthm Bessacarr, Armthorpe, Sprotbrough, Barnbrough, Hootoen Pagnall, Adwickm le-street, Carcroft, Skellow, Askern, Campsall, Norton and all the surrounding areas.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Securesys Security Lighting in Doncaster

Securesys  Security Lighting in Doncaster

Security Lighting

A professional security lighting solution is the single simplest, most effective step you can take to deter criminals from targeting your property. The Police recommend lighting as the first line of defense with its proven ability as a deterrent against vandalism and many petty crimes.

A Security lighting System works by being aimed in a certain direction chosen by the client. Inside the security light there is a n infra-red sensor. The sensor creates a beam invisible beam on the direction of which the unit has been set up. 

When the sensor beam has been interrupted it creates a break in the beam, this trips the internal switch to power the light. Some security lighting systems can be personalised to the customer’s needs, such as the range of detection.

Securesys would like to get across to you how dangerous the instillation is.  All electrical equipment can be dangerous but most security lighting averages at 110 volts which is enough to kill a person. If you are interested in a security lighting system then please make sure you call us as we provide health and safety practises with every service.

Not only do these great pieces of security equipment provide safety to your home they are also healthier for the environment as they are more flexible with light.

Securesys are on of Yorkshires leading security providing companies with our customers including Halifax plc. HSBC, Lloyds TSB, Owston Hall Hotel, UYR Group, Royal Bank of Scotland group, universal Music UK and many more you know you’re in safe hand.

If you would like to know more about Safeguard Security Systems in Doncaster take a look at our website, we proved a large range of different security equipment.

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