Monday, 10 March 2014

How to Wire a Plug.

How to.... Wire a Plug.

Once you grasp the principles of wiring a plug it is quite a straightforward process.

WARNING: Never attempt the following whilst the plug is still in a electrical socket!

Follow this step by step guide on How to Wire a Plug.

Tools required to wire a plug: - Utility Knife - Pincer Pliers - Terminal Screwdriver - Standard Screwdriver.

1. Remove the cover of the plug by unscrewing the central screw. This will then enable access to the inner workings. 

2. Place the new cable on top of the plug and measure the length required and mark the bottom with a pen. By doing this it will leave you enough wire to be able to cut to the correct length.

3. With a utility knife score around the outer core of the wire - being careful not to cut too deep and damage the internal wires.
At this point if you bend the wire it will tear neatly around the scoring.
(N.B Check the inner wires for damage)

4. This will then expose the wires - Neutral - Earth - Live

5. On the plug loosen the wire clamp by unscrewing the two retaining screws at the bottom of the plug. Now locate the wire in position underneath the clamp and secure firmly in place on top of the outer cover by tightening the screws.
Ensuring that the Neutral is to the left Earth in the middle and Live on the right. 

6. Starting with the Neutral wire - offer it up against the neutral pin (marked N) then cut the wire level with the bottom of the terminal.

7. Repeating this process for the Earth wire.

8. Repeating this process for the Live wire.

9. The end of each wire can then be stripped back 4-6mm (N.B twist the end of each wire to help keep them together) 

10. Using a terminal screwdriver loosen each of the pin screws - enough to allow the insertion of the exposed wires.
Insert the Neutral wire and tighten firmly.

Repeat with the Earth wire.

12. Repeat with the Live wire.

13. Do not over tighten the pin screws as this will squash the wire and can reduce the capacity to conduct the electrical current.
(N.B Ensure there are no bare wires/strands exposed)

14. Check that the correct fuse is inserted for the appliance then replace the cover.

15. DONE!

This was brought to you by Safeguard Security Systems specialists in all aspects of security for domestic and business purposes. Providing our service across Doncaster and the surrounding areas.

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Please note this information is only a guide.

Monday, 23 December 2013

CCTV - Difference Between Analogue and HD -SDI

Securesys offer a great range of CCTV for both domestic and business purposes. 
From our quick and professional installation to technical aftercare support - Securesys are one of Yorkshires Leading CCTV providers. 

Below are two short videos showing the difference between analogue and HD-SDI. Firstly showing the distinct change in quality during the day. Then showing the defined sharper image in low light condition.

  Luxrite 700tvl (analogue) Vs 1200tvl (HD-SDI)

   Luxrite 700tvl (analogue) Vs 1200tvl (HD-SDI)

Securesys are based in Doncaster an provide an experienced service in the surrounding areas: Adwick le-street, Auckley, Armthorpe, Askern, Barnbrough, Barnby Dun, Bawtry, Braithwell, Branton, Bessacarr, Campsall, Carcroft, Conisbrough, Dunscoft, Edenthorpe, Edlington, Finningley, Goldthorpe, Hatfield, Hooton Pagnell, Kirk Sandall, Mexbrough, Moorends, Norton, Skellow, Sprotbrough, Stainforth, Sykehouse, Thorne, Tickhill, Warmsworth, and even more places.  

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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Automated Security Gates

Securesys are one of Yorkshires leading providers of automated security gates. Our professionals are extensively trained to be able to carry out necessary installation with the utmost expertise.

Swing gates are a popular choice nationwide; traditionally hinged at one side and opening from this pivot point towards the property. 

Sliding gates are an alternative as some properties do not have the spatial requirements. Our engineers can aid and advise in all situations.

Before we carry out any work we have to do a risk assessments - after this a simple site survey is done to assess measurements and dimensions. The design and style can be then chosen to suit your requirements. 

FREEPHONE Securesys on 08081558656 to see what our specialists can do for you and your home.

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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Security Systems

Don't be a victim of crime!

Securesys Safeguard Security are here to help you prevent  crime at home or your business premises. Based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire we are up to date with all the current crime trends and treat every property as a individual case.  

Specialising in all types of security offering cost effective installation of security systems. The main aspects of security that our professional engineers cover are: Access control, Alarms, CCTV, Infra-red detectors, Motion sensors, Perimeter protection and Video management systems. Click here for more.  

The manor in how you can attain access to a building has changed dramatically since the introduction of electric access products.  Of which Safeguard Security Systems offer and install a variety of different products to cater for all your needs.

Securesys can set up security alarms that use motion detection or infra-red sensor triggers  helping you have feel safe and secure.

It has been proven that property that has CCTV coverage acts as a massive deterrent to vandalism and robbery. Our internal and external bespoke CCTV systems can be remotely monitored from your smart phone, tablet or laptop.

Also our business has an extensive range of automated road barriers, chain barriers, swing gates, speed gates, turnstiles and bollards.

If your home or business is in Doncaster or the surrounding area and are looking to have surveillance or protection system installed, then please get in touch with us at Securesys for expert advice at a great price.

Call us now FREEPHONE 08081558656

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Security Lighting

Securesys Security Systems is based in Doncaster, providing a bespoke security services throughout Yorkshire and the UK.

Security lighting is often over looked as a crime deterrent, however such lighting will enhance overall visibility. It can be set up using a light sensor for the twilight hours or can be triggered using motion sensors. Securesys can cater for individual needs and circumstances. 

As illustrated by the image security lighting does not have to be garish or obtrusive to the style of your property. The types of lights can compliment features without detracting from providing light in susceptible crime points of your home. Having adequate lighting can deter even the most insistent burglars, also this will aid CCTV in low light periods.

Securesys install energy efficient lighting which means that they are a cost effective crime deterrent.  

Having lighting around a property is a good asset for if you are away a lot or on holiday, as it can give the impression that there is someone home. 

If you have any queries do not hesitate to get in contact with us call us now FREEPHONE 08081558656

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Friday, 25 October 2013

Safeguard Security Systems - Access Control Systems

Safeguard Security Systems specialise in all aspects of security for domestic and business purposes. Providing our service in Doncaster and the surrounding areas.

With the advancement of technology the use of locks and keys aren't the only way to secure doors and buildings. Safeguard Security Systems offer and install a variety of different access systems. Ranging from the more straight forward Swipe Card and Keypad entry mediums to more sophisticated systems using proximity and biometric accessing.

We provide a cost effective solution to all aspects of premises entry. Ensuring that the only people that can enter are authorised personnel. Our experienced technicians have been trained in an extensive range of security access systems to suit the requirements of any situation. Catering for a single door access control to a extensive fully integrated system for multiple enter routes. 

All of our systems are tailor made to suit each of our clients using an array of different brands. Using recognised manufactures such as; ASSA & Abloy, Bewator, BSB Progeny, PAC, Paxton and others. Having these companies and their products available to us means we can be far more adaptable in our application of security.

Safeguard Security Systems have fitted and continually maintain more than 200 door entry systems within Yorkshire alone.  Proof in its self we are a company to rely on and trust.

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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Safeguard Security Systems

With the UK's ever changing economy hard times have hit large sections of society and consequently crime rates appear to fluctuate. 

Crimes such as burglary, robbery and violence can be reduced in certain hotspots by having deterrents such as CCTV. In conjunction to this if a incident were to happen then there would be prosecutable evidence available through the use of modern CCTV systems. So there has never been a better time to upgrade your security at home or work.

Based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire Safeguard Security Services predominantly service the Yorkshire area, although we do take on projects nationwide. Unlike other security companies we do not have a call out fee and our rates are more then reasonable - give us a call for advice prior to booking.

Safeguard Security Systems can install complete systems or enhance your existing security. We supply the latest in high tech IP CCTV systems which offer high quality, crisp images and user friendly storage, you can even have remote monitoring or be alerted to movement through an App on your mobile phone - so that you can be sure you are protected 100% of the time.

Access control and perimeter protection are fundamental to preventing trespassing and unwanted intrusion on private property. We offer a bespoke service for installation and after care maintenance.

You name it Safeguard Security Systems  can provided a security setup for it. Take advantage of our current special offer - for all orders placed before Christmas FREE CCTV monitoring*.

Our home alarms prices start from just £349, so enquire today to see how we can prevent you from been a victim of crime.

 (* T&C's apply)

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